Finalit No. 39 Compact (neutral)

  • Three-in-one: Cleaning - stain protection - moderate slip resistance. 
  • Wax and coating remover. 
  • Excellent carpet cleaner. 
  • Furniture cleaner. 

Can be diluted up to 1:20 with water depending on the degree of soiling. 1 l is sufficient for 80 m².

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Application areas:

  • Wax and coating remover: can be mixed with No.1 and No.5, 1:1:1
  • pH neutral
  • Moderate stain protection / slip resistance
  • Moderate impregnation
  • Can be diluted up to 1:20 
  • Excellent carpet cleaner can be diluted 1:20 with water and worked in using a carpet brush, soft brush 
  • Furniture cleaner 
  • Awning, blinds and roller shutter cleaner

Suitable for all natural and artificial stones!
Can also be used on polished soft stone, such as marble and limestone!

  • Can be diluted up to 1:20 with water depending on the degree of soiling
  • 1 l is sufficient for 80 m² 
  • Clean away any residues of grout residues on the tiles, then brush in Finalit No. 39 Compact undiluted 
  • Allow to act for about 15 min., then wipe with a dry cloth 
  • After a maximum drying time of 10 minutes, polish with a dry cloth or polishing machine 
  • Can be walked on after 1 hour. The drying time is up to 24 hours 
  • Clean, protected, anti-slip surface!
  • You need to make your own tests
  • If there are already coatings on the surface, Finalit No. 39 Compact must be worked in using a brown (or rough) synthetic pad. In this case you will not have much success if you use a cloth or sponge!
  • Italian and Chinese production plants sometimes use a wax coating as transport protection. Frequently also coloured. During the final cleaning of the construction, wax remains in the joints, causing grouting stains. Grouting cleaning with No. 39, diluted 1:5.
  • With some vacuum cleaners, you can remove the filter and use the same device to extract the water.