Finalit No. 5 Coating Remover (neutral)

  • Large-scale removal of coatings. 
  • Removes wax, acrylate-based coatings, cotto wax, silicone, epoxy resin residues.  
  • Paint, resin, acrylate. 

Use undiluted 1 litre is sufficient for 20 m².

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ATTENTION: The colour of coloured artificial stones (concrete, terrazzo) will be attacked by No. 5!

Many dark or black natural stones originating from China, India, Italy, etc. have been treated with coloured resin (shellac) in order to achieve a uniform surface finish. After removing the coating, the non-uniform natural colour of the stone is revealed.

Application areas:

  • Large-scale removal of coatings (Apply 1 to 7 times immediately after another until the coating has dissolved - the day before where possible 
  • Cotto wax / wax in general
  • Paint / resin / acrylate / silicone 
  • Epoxy resin

For all natural and artificial stones!

  • Use undiluted
  • 1 litre is sufficient for 20 m² 
  • Apply undiluted and rub in with a brush and allow to act for 5-10 minutes 
  • Then thoroughly rinse with water 
  • If necessary, apply Finalit No. 5 once more and increase the exposure time 
  • You need to make your own tests!
  • Especially suitable for basic cleaning of coated and oiled terracotta as well as antique marble. 
  • Virtually odourless compound (1:1:1 - No. 1 (grease) & No. 5 (coating) & No. 39 (wax)
  • Removal of stain stop: No. 5 and silicon, grain 60 (quartz sand is not sufficient) + single-disc machine and silicone grinding brush grain 80